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About Morpheus

Morpheus is a unique interactive game that first appeared in Moscow and then in Zagreb.

The game master puts blindfolds over your eyes and helps you sit comfortably a chair. Then the game begins.

As you sit blindfolded, the game master describes the game world. He describes what you see and what’s going on around you. In each of the scenarios you are in a world that is the same as the real world but the events that are happening are very unusual and you will most likely never come to such situation in a real life.

As you play, you meet characters in the story played by real actors. You can communicate with them and even touch them.

One of the most interesting things during the game is to take the items you see in the game. For example, in the game, the phone is in front of you and you want to take it. When you say you want to take the phone and stretch your hand in the real world, the real phone will appear in your hand.

Morpheus can be the deepest immersion you’ve ever experienced, and you will most likely feel strong emotions and adrenaline rush.

Morpheus’s goal is to make the game as realistic as the player does not even leave the room at all. Through the game, through the real objects and various effects, it tries to emphasize the reality of the situation. During the game, the game actually sees the behavior of a person in certain extreme situations, and the emphasis of the game is on decision-making and interaction with the environment.

A really cool game! The format is unusual and  the beginning is strange but just a few minutes later you immerse in the game. After immersing in the game, it’s hard to get out of it!


…We were under the impression the entire evening. We are writing this review a month after we played the game and we still relive the game as we are still playing it.

The Saturday
  • Unique game play

  • 90 minutes of game

  • Game with actors

  • From 2 to 5 players

  • In center of Zagreb

  • Deep immersion in the game

Morpheus wants you!

You can gift our game as a present to your friends. Contact us and get more info about our gift cards. We can email it, send it by mail or you can pick it up in person.

We are sending e-gift cards by e-mail

Are you still unsure? Do you have any questions? We will not reveal any secrets as we are afraid of spoiling the game. Read reviews from our players.

…You will forget that it’s a game. Even my skeptic friends totally immersed in MORPHEUS.


You have not seen anything like this yet. For lovers, definitely a good thing that will “nudge” your nerves, and the same goes for all those who are looking for a new form of fun.


I’m literally flooded with emotions !! The task was brilliant, screaming like never before. It was really great and very scarry. If you are sitting home and thinking “to go or not go,” I think the answer is clear in itself – GOOO!

Morpheus is a brand new form of city entertainment. They call us a “closed-eyes theater”.

You will experience a unique gaming mechanism that lets you move the boundaries of reality. Our play area is not limited to the room or the cellar. You will do whatever you want.

Once you immerse in the game, you will experience the strong emotions you cant find in your everyday life. You will have complete freedom of action in a world where there are no right or wrong decisions. The game represents challenges for you, the decision is yours. Failure or triumph – it all depends on you.

The game

Oath of Hippocrates

*We aren’t able to have multiple games at once

Oath of Hippocrates
Team work

The story takes place in a world that has experienced terrible cataclysms, where there are no right or wrong decisions, and human life has lost all its values …

You goal is to find the medicine against the terrible virus and save the world.

Our first and most successful game is played in dozens of Russian cities and is the first in Europe and Croatia. Suitable for adults and teenagers older than 16 years, ideal for getting to know the format.

Age limit: above 16 years. Maximum number of players is 5.

Agent 007 – Comming soon

*We aren’t able to have multiple games at once

Agent 007
Team work

Crazy story about the strangest case of British intelligence agents.

East is a sensitive place.

The game is suitable for a cheerful team, for everyone who likes to laugh and have a good time. This is our family adventure.

Age limit: 12 years. Maximum number of players 5.

English version of Agent 007 is still in adaptation and is not available yet. We are planning it’s release very soon.


Morpheus games has rebranded to Sensperience by Enigmarium®!

Book your game on the Sensperience website.

Morpheus Zagreb is now Sensperience!


  • During the game, nothing will endanger you in real life. During the game you can feel strong emotions. We do not recommend participating in games for people under the age of 18, pregnant women, people with mental disorders or people with PTSD. By choosing to participate in the game, assume responsibility for possible consequences

  • By making a reservation, you confirm that you are familiar with the rules and that you are prepared to bear the potential consequences yourself. After that, you will receive an email confirmation for your appointment. If you can not come at the reserved time, please let us know by phone.

  • Please be punctual and come on time on the reserved date (plus or minus 5 minutes is ok)

  • We accept only cash payments.

  • Please beware of handling the equipment in the game. In case of vandalism and attempts to destroy or damage the equipment, we will be forced to interrupt the game.

  • Any use of electronic devices (mobile phones, voice recorders, cameras, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Before starting the game, you can put everything in safe cabinets.

  • We reserve the right to cancel the game if players appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • All rules related to the game itself will be explained before the start of the game. If you do not follow them, the game will be discontinued.

  • Participating in the game implies the ability to listen and understand English as well as the freedom of expression. Participation in the game is also not suitable for people with mental disabilities.

If you and your team don’t like the game, you can interrupt the game and we will refund the money.
Yes, we are so confident in what we are doing.

Gift cards

Give an unforgettable experience for your friends! Gift vouchers can be sent by mail, electronically or in person.

600 kn

Price of one game is 600 kn (80 eur) for entire team, not per person

Game for all

The game can be played by people with limited opportunities. Before playing the game, learn the rules.

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